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Hell Tycoon

It is written...
When Armageddon comes, the Demon Armies of Hell will be defeated.
This can mean only 1 thing: The Devil isn't doing his Job!

You are the new Ruler of Hell...

Your job is to keep the Abyss stocked with Tortured Souls.
Reform all 9 planes of Hell with Fire and Brimstone!
On Judgment Day, will you be ready?

Hell Tycoon

Of course it's no secret that all Politicians are controlled by the Devil.
Now you know why Washington D.C. is built around a giant Pentagram.

And it seems, like everything else these days, Hell has blown with the political winds. After some very "em-bare-ass-ing" moments between priests and choir boys, a few of the church's "biggest scepters" found themselves facing an eternity in the Lake of Fire, soon to resemble overcooked pizzas. Mama Mia!

Turns out, after some serpent-skin hand shaking, Damnation isn't
quite eternal anymore. Maybe it was about votes, maybe it was about power. But now days after a little repentance in the pit, you can get yourself a golden ticket to the promise land.

Which of course circles back around to the main problem...
We've lost sight of the big picture of eternity. This "get out of jail" loophole is depriving Hell of some of its best Demon Warriors for the Apocalypse.
Now wonder the prophecy tells of Hell's inevitable defeat!

And that's where you come in...
It's time to set things right...
No more forgiveness!

It's time to pull out all the stops!
It's time for the punishment to fit the crime!
It's time to for the Gates of Hell to overflow!

It's time for Hell Tycoon!


We are currently cooking Hell Tycoon to seasoned perfection.
Join the ranks of Hell's best and brightest.

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P.S. Hell is always lovely this time of year, and very exclusive.
Only special people like you are invited!

You'll be going to Hell soon enough.
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